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Current Research

Bisexual+ Women of Color

Currently, I'm researching the multiple marginalized identities of individuals who identify as bisexual+ women of color. Bisexuality is physical, emotional, and/or sexual attraction to two or more gender identities. Learning more about the mental health experiences and wellness of those with multiple intersecting identities will provide mental health professionals with the knowledge needed to provide affirming care to this population. 

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Mentorship in Counseling

I am collaborating with a team of counselors and counselor educators with diverse identities and backgrounds to better understand what causes ruptures in mentor/mentee relationships and how those ruptures can be repaired. We are specifically looking at rupture and repair in cross-cultural mentorships in Counseling and Counselor Education programs. By understanding rupture and repair in mentor/mentee relationships, we hope that the counseling field will understand mentorship as a protective buffer against professional burnout and help retain counselors with marginalized identities in the field whose presence are greatly needed.

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Impact of #MeToo

I am collaborating with a colleague to understand resilience and connectedness to the #MeToo movement in individuals with marginalized racial, ethnic, sexual, or gender identities. This exploratory study hopes to understand takeaways from #MeToo as a social media movement and a movement, in general, to help counselors understand this and similar movements' impact on client mental health.

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